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We go to your hotel with our private car to pick you up and start the tour by going to the south of Lima (31 Km). We will visit Pachacamac which is a Sacred and Ceremonial Place considered as a part of MYSTIC AXIS OF THE WORLD from the beginning of the Christian Era. It is the major Pre-Hispanic ceremonial centre on the Pacific Coast of America. It has places of pilgrimage for worshipping and consulting the oracle of PACHACAMAC who was “ The Lord of the World”. The temple is totally built in adobe (mud bricks). Inside of the Archaeological site of Pachacamac we will visit the following temples:

Adobito's Temple
Templo with ramp
Taurichumbi Palace
Pachacamac Palace
Temple of the Sun
Philigrims Square

Then, you will have some free minutes to enjoy how the artisans make handcrafts and if you want you can buy some of them, too.
After we explore Pachacamac, we will visit the Barranco district. On the way you will see The Green Coast beaches, The Wetlands of Villa in the Chorrillos district and views of the Pacific Ocean until we arrive to the Barranco district, which is the smallest and the most bohemian district where we will take a walk to enjoy the Bridge of the sights in order for you make a tradition there. We will also visit the church from the 19th century and the look out of Barranco which is a quiet attraction for many couples enjoying a nice view of the Pacific Ocean and other districts of Lima city.
At the end, we will go back to your hotel in our private car.



Entrance ticket, private transfer, professional Spanish or English guide and souvenier.


Time: 3 hours



1 person $ 60 USD

2 - 4 people $ 45 USD 

For more people ask for a special price



Lima City Tour + Museo Larco Herrera

Explore the modern and colonial city of Lima on a half-day private tour of one of the most exciting cities in Latin America. Full of intense life, Lima was founded in the 16th-Century by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro and is known as the “City of Kings.”

The center of the viceroyalty, you will observe all the main attractions of downtown Lima and explore the Larco Museum where you will discover the gold and jewels of old Peru.

Start at the Love Park in Miraflores for spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, and continue to the HuacaPucllana, ceremonial center of Lima culture. Later you will visit San Isidro, the financial center of the city, and take a walk in the olive grove park.

Visit the main square of Plaza Mayor, where the Government Palace and Town Hall are located. You will also visit the Cathedral to view the handsome colonial façade. Other major attractions include the Convent of San Francisco, built in the 17th-Century and home to mysterious catacombs.

A highlight will be the Larco Museum, set in an 18th-Century mansion built on top a pre-Columbian pyramid of the 7th-Century. Observe the myriad treasures exhibited at one of the world’s most prestigious museums for gold and silver.


Don’t miss the warehouse and the exclusive collection of pre-Columbian erotic ceramics, one of South America’s most popular attractions.

At the end of the tour you will have a broad knowledge of the capital of Peru setting you up for further exploration, or giving you a comprehensive overview if you are pushed for time.



Entrance ticket, private transport, guide professional Spanish or English.


Time: 4 hours



1 person $ 80 USD

2-4 people $ 60 USD

For most people ask for a special price


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