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Caral Tour

We go to your hotel with our private car to pick you up at 7:00am. Caral, located at kilometer 182 of the Panamerican Highway and we will arrive in Caral around 10:30am. We will record visits and purchase of entrance tickets to the citadel of Caral and begin the guided tour.


Caral is the OLDEST city in the Americas. Developed simultaneously with the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia and Egypt about 5000 years ago.

The archaeological site of Caral is among Peru’s most impressive ruins and makes a popular day trip from nearby Lima amd it is considered as the Cultural Wolrd Heritage site by UNESCO.

Although initially discovered back in 1948, recent excavations of Caral revealed an elaborate complex of temples, sunken plazas and some of the largest terraced pyramids in the world, leading archaeologists to ponder the possibility of Caral being the fabled ‘Mother City’ of ancient civilizations. Now open to the public, the site has garnered acclaim for its beautifully preserved ruins and intriguing collection of artifacts, which include a quipu (a unique knot system used by ancient Andean civilizations) and a number of musical instruments fashioned from animal bones, but significantly, no trace of warfare or weaponry. The full guidance is approximately 2 hours.

After the tour in the citadel of Caral, we will go to the city of Huacho, where we will have a delicious lunch.


At the end, we will take our private car to go back to your hotel.


Include: Entrance ticket, private transfer and professional Spanish or English guide.


Time: 12 hours



1 person $ 240 USD

2 - 6 people $ 150 USD

For more people ask for a special price

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