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Paracas + Nazca

We are going to pick you up from your hotel in Lima with our private transportation to go to Paracas at 5:00 am. It takes approximately 3 hours. When we arrive in Paracas we are going to aboard the boat to visit Ballesta Island where you can see some pinguins, sea lions and a lot of birds. After this tour, we are going to walk around Paracas. Then, we are going to Nazca where you will have a delicious lunch. Later, we go to visit the ceramic house where the artisans will show you how the Nazca culture made the ceramics. After that, we will go to the ariport where you will fly around 35 minutes to enjoy around thirteen figures of the Nazca lines, like spider, monkey, fish, the hummingbird and others considered as the astronomical calendar by Maria Reichi.


The aircrafts is CESSNA 206 for 2 pilots (pilot and co-pilot) and 4 passengers each passenger has a window seat; we fly to the right and left side around the figure. It means you are not going to have problem to see the figures.


In the end, we will take our private car to go back to your hotel in Lima around 10:00 pm.


Include: Everything described in the itinerary, entrance ticket, private transfer, professional Spanish or English guide, thw walk in the Ballesta Island and the overflight of the Nazca lines.


Not included: Lunch, taxes in Ballesta Islands (4.5 USD) and Nazca (9 USD)


Time: 17 hours



1 person $ 400 USD

2 - 6 people $ 290 USD

For more people ask for a special price

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